STIHL RM 650 V Petrol Lawn Mower

You’re looking for a new lawn mower, you have a fairly large garden with plenty of grass and you want a mower that will make the job as easy and comfortable as possible, so which do you choose? Introducing the new premium 6 Series petrol lawn mowers from STIHL, designed for larger gardens and built with durability and comfort in mind.

The 6 Series range includes the RM 650 and RM 655 models, which are both available with different features depending on what you need from your lawn mower.

RM 650 Lawn Mower

RM 650 Lawn Mower

The RM 650 is a powerful petrol mower with a 48cm cutting width, which is powered by a Kohler XT800 Series engine, and, thanks to the clever SmartChoke technology, it’s always easy to start whether the engine is warm or cold. The RM 650 is able to cover an area up to 2000 m2, and all versions feature a super soft grip mono-comfort handlebar, which makes it incredibly easy to access the 70-litre grass catcher box. The handlebar can also be folded over in one simple movement to make the lawn mower much more compact to store.

Not sure whether you want to cut & collect the grass clippings, cut & drop them or mulch them back into the lawn? The RM 650 lawn mower features an innovative 3-in-1 cutting blade. So if you want to cut & collect, simply leave the grass catcher box on the mower. If you want to cut & drop, just remove the box. And if you want to mulch, you just need to fit the mulch plug which comes with the mower. The choice is yours!

Once you’ve decided how you want to mow, it’s really easy to adjust the cutting height of the lawn mower too using the spring-loaded central cutting height adjuster.

The RM 650 is available either as the RM 650 T or the RM 650 V version, which both help to take the effort out of mowing your lawn by propelling the mower forward. The RM 650 T has one-speed drive, which is great if you have a sloped garden where you need to push the mower uphill.

Alternatively, the RM 650 V features Vario-speed drive, which means you can adjust the speed between 2.6 – 4.6 km/h, using the control lever on the handlebar. This means you can perfectly control the speed to suit you, which is ideal if your garden has obstacles to mow around.

RM 655 Lawn Mower

If your lawn is a little larger, you could always consider one of the RM 655 mowers, which can cover lawns up to 2500 m2 with the 53cm cutting decks.

Rear of RM 655 VS Lawn MowerThey also feature the same handy mono-comfort handlebar, the 3-in-1 cutting blade option and the spring-loaded central cutting height adjustment mechanism too. There are three different versions of the RM 655 mower – the RM 655 V, the RM 655 VS and the RM 655 RS.

The RM 655 V is simply a bigger version of the RM 650 V, using the same Kohler XT800 Series engine, with Vario-speed drive. The RM 655 VS, however, has a Briggs & Stratton 750 Series DOV RS engine so it packs much more mowing power! It features the same Vario drive speed as the RM 655 V, but with the added bonus of Blade Brake Clutch technology. So what does this do? Simply put, it allows the engine of the mower to continue running while the blade is disengaged. This lets you empty the grass catcher box without having to stop and restart the mower, so you’ll be able to mow your lawn more quickly.

The final mower in the 6 Series range is the RM 655 RS, which is a professional rear roller lawn mower, and you can find out more about it in our dedicated article here. You can also see the STIHL 6 Series lawn mowers in action here:

Our feature-packed 6 Series models are the best lawn mowers for mowing large lawns and are available in STIHL Approved Dealers across the country now. Find your nearest dealer today – ready, set, mow!!