RM 545 VR Rear Roller

The new STIHL 5 Series petrol lawn mowers are packed with plenty of features and are the perfect choice for people with lawns up to 1,200 m2.

There are three different models in the 5 Series range: the RM 545 T, RM 545 VM and RM 545 VR. These mowers all have their own strengths, but they do share features across the range, so here’s the lowdown on the whole range, plus some information about each individual model, to help you decide which one is best for you!

All the 5 Series mowers have a 43 cm cutting width and can cover areas of up to 1200m2. They also all share the same engine type – the ever reliable Briggs and Stratton 650 ReadyStart engine. This petrol engine starts with one easy pull even when the engine is cold – there’s no need to spend five minutes standing around yanking the starter cord with these machines! You’ll be ready to start in a flash!

The central cutting height adjustment of each 5 Series mower makes them really easy to adjust and they all have 60-litre polymer grass catcher boxes with a fill-level indicator so you can quickly see when the box is full. Emptying the box is a breeze too – you just unclip them and the box opens like a clam shell, so you can empty the grass straight out in one fast movement, without leaving any clippings lurking in the corner of the box!

When it comes to the unique features of the individual machines, the right mower for you really depends on the type of terrain in your garden, and the finish you want on your lawn.

  • Firstly, we have the RM 545 T, which has 1-speed self-propelled drive. This is ideal for mowing a lawn with an incline as it takes away the effort of pushing a mower uphill.
  • Next is the RM 545 VM, which has Vario drive. The Vario drive feature means that the speed of the drive can be adjusted to suit you and your garden, so if you have a garden with some slopes, some flat areas or even some smaller areas with obstacles that require a slow and steady pace, it’s easy to adjust the speed using the lever on the handle. This model also comes with a mulching blade and plug, so if you want to make use of the grass clippings as a natural fertiliser, you can also use these additional attachments to mulch the lawn.
  • Our final model is the RM 545 VR. This lawn mower has the Vario drive of the RM 545 VM above, but it is also fitted with a rear roller to give you the classic British stripe effect when mowing your lawn. The roller also lets you mow close to the border of a lawn without risking the rear wheel dropping into the flower bed – preventing you from scalping the lawn in the process.

Our 5 Series range of lawn mowers really does offer you plenty of options depending on what you want from a lawn mower. Take a closer look at the models by visiting your nearest STIHL dealer, or ask us any questions in the comments below.