The STIHL Lithium-Ion AP System range of cordless tools is designed for professional users and homeowners with large gardens or smallholdings. There are over 25 different tools in the range from blowers to mowers, chainsaws to hedge trimmers. There are also a variety of different battery options with different capacities and different ways of using them – either secured in the tool, worn on your back or put into a hip belt.

But with so many tools and applications, working out which battery to go for can be confusing, so our guide is here to demystify the options!

AP 100 Battery

In the STIHL Lithium-Ion AP System, there are 3 batteries that can be slotted into the tools:

  • AP 100
  • AP 200
  • AP 300

There are also 3 backpack batteries that can be carried on the shoulders:STIHL Battery Backpack & Hip Belt

  • AR 1000
  • AR 2000
  • AR 3000



The AP batteries are designed to slot straight into the tool. They are all the same dimensions, the only difference is the battery capacity – the AP 100 is 94 Wh, the AP 200 is 187 Wh and the AP 300 is 227 Wh.

AP Battery In HSA 86

What this means in real terms is that you the AP 200 will give power for longer compared to the AP 100 and the AP 300 will power for even longer. For example, you could do 72, 144 or 180 minutes of hedge trimming using our HSA 66 and HSA 86 hedge trimmers. Bear in mind though that the bigger capacity batteries also weigh more, so choose your battery depending on the run time you need and also, the weight you are prepared to work with. So if you need longer run time, but also low weight, perhaps you would choose the middle battery, the AP 200.

Battery belt and harness

STIHL Battery, Hip Belt and Leaf Blower

If longer run times are a key factor for the job you are doing, there are also some alternative ways to carry these AP batteries. Firstly, there’s the AP holster, AP adaptor and battery belt, with or without a shoulder harness. This takes the weight out of the tool and spreads it over your hips (and shoulders) so you can move the tool more freely making it easier to operate. The AP holster comes with a connecting cable, so just add the AP adaptor to this and you can power the tool from your belt. Using this technique can remove as much as 1.7kg from the tool which really makes a difference if you are using the tool for longer periods.

Battery carrying system

STIHL Battery Pack Carrying System

If you’re not keen on wearing the AP battery on a belt, the other option is the AP battery backpack instead, which you can use to carry two AP batteries. Again, you would use the AP holster, and just pop it into one of two slots in the backpack. This gives you the option to carry a spare battery and overall is lighter than the AR backpack batteries. The key advantage of this backpack is comfortless weight in the tool means less strain on the job.

Backpack batteries

Some of the larger tools in the STIHL Lithium-Ion AP System have dedicated sockets for connecting cables and these can be powered either by using the AP battery and holster on a belt or in a backpack or using one of the backpack batteries. These tools with the sockets are designed for professional users who need much longer run times. For example, using a AR 1000 with the FSA 130 would give you up to 230 minutes of power – that’s nearly 4 hours of run time!

AP Battery Pack and Leaf Blower

The BGA 100 blower, FSA 130 brushcutter and HSA 94 hedge trimmer are designed for all-day professional use and are comparable to professional petrol tools in terms of their performance.  There is also a KMA 130 battery-powered Kombi engine which can be used with a large number of the kombi attachments that historically were just for the STIHL petrol kombi engines. To make holding and using these tools more manageable, there are additional harnesses designed to hold the weight of the tool on a support cushion that attaches to a hip belt or backpack battery, again taking the weight out of your hands so you can focus on directional control.

Whatever the task at hand, we have developed a comprehensive range of batteries, harnesses and carrying devices to make sure you have enough power for the job, without compromising on comfort.