small pallet table

recycled palletThe Two Thirsty Gardeners have been doing more DIY with recycled pallets – find out what they’ve made this time and have a go yourself with their step-by-step guide

For our latest pallet project, we’re going to show you how to make a rustic pallet potting table/drink-holding platform for your garden or allotment. As you can tell by the accompanying photographs, the pallet we managed to source was particularly scraggy even by our own lax standards. The resulting pallet table could be described as ‘a little rough around the edges’ and its design is not going to be mistaken for a Chippendale* any time soon, but it’s nothing that a spot of vigorous sandpapering or lick of paint can’t fix. As always, remember to wear a decent pair of gloves to prevent splinters and watch out for rogue nails sticking out during pallet dismantlement.

step by step guide to make a pallet table

How to Make a Pallet Table

Things You Will Need to Make a Pallet Table

  • Pallet
  • Saw
  • Clawhammer and/or jemmy to aid plank removal
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver

Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Pallet Table 

Step 1: Saw the pallet into two parts at the point indicated by Figure 1 on the accompanying simple pallet table plan.

saw your pallet in half

Step 2: Take the largest half and remove the central section by sawing at the points indicated in Figure 2.

step 2 of making a pallet table

Step 3: Remove the central plank on each half to create two table leg sections (Figure 3) then remove the remaining two planks on the reverse of each leg section (Figure 4).

remove the central plank remove remaining planks from table legs 

Step 4: Cut two 500mm x 140mm planks and attach them to the leg sections you have created, as indicated in Figure 5

add the legs to your pallet table

Step 5: From the remaining pallet pieces, create the table top by affixing five 600mm planks to the top of your table (Figure 6). Our advised screw points are indicated in blue.

create the table top using planks

Step 6: Finally, check for any wobbles by standing your magnificent new table on a flat surface. Plane or sand down any legs that are causing problems.

small pallet table


* A piece of exquisite furniture made by renowned Georgian cabinet-maker Thomas Chipendale. Not a member of the scantily clad male dance troupe.

Will you be making a pallet table for your garden this summer? Do you have other pallet garden ideas or pallet projects in mind? Let us know in the comments.