make your own pallet planter box

If you have any pallets going spare, the latest DIY garden project from the Two Thirsty Gardeners will keep you occupied and produce a perfect pallet planter at the end of it. Read on for their step-by-step guide on how to build a pallet planter…

a wooden plywood pallet

You’ll be pleased to know that this latest pallet project for you to try is a little less complicated to construct than our beer rack, and can be completed in a couple of hours (give or take a tea break or two). The pallet we used was made from plywood – slightly different to the solid, rustic ones we are more accustomed to – but was light to handle, easy to dismantle and lends a certain IKEA vibe to the build!. One thing we did note is that this type of wooden pallet tends to dish out splinters at a fair rate of knots, so wear gloves to protect your paws.

We also discovered that the average plywood pallet is rather crudely constructed which may throw out your measurements slightly (which goes some way to explaining the rather rough-looking construction in the photos below). Anyway, we can live with its wonky looks, and we are yet to hear our plants complain.

How To Construct A Pallet Planter

Things You Will Need



Clawhammer for plank removal (optional)



Heavy duty staple gun

4 x Heavy duty rubble sacks

two thirsty gardeners pallet planter guide

Construction Instructions

1. Saw your wooden pallet into three parts, as indicated in figure 1. (above) The main body of the planter will be made from the outer sections, but keep the central part handy as you’ll use the wood for side supports and base.

saw wooden pallet as part of your DIY pallet planter

2. To maximise your planter’s soil capacity, remove the inner plank from each half. You can attempt to prise off the planks, but it’s easier just to saw them off at the points where they meet the battens.

remove the inner planks of the wooden pallet

3. Take the two outer pieces (A and B) and push them together (see figure 2).

4. Saw four planks for the side supports and screw them in to join the two end pieces (see figure 3). We used screws for sturdiness (pre-drilling holes first to prevent the wood splitting) but you could use a strong wood glue if you fancy.

DIY pallet planter without soil or plants

5. Flip over the wooden planter and attach three planks to its base to help with stability (see figure 4). This will also lift the unit off the ground slightly to aid drainage.
attach 3 planks to your pallet planter for extra support and to help with drainage

6. Time to prepare your planter liners. We used four thick rubble sacks, folded over to fit the planter (see figure 5). Open them up, position them evenly inside the planter and staple the openings to the inner wall. Punch a series of holes in the base of each sack to provide drainage.

prepare planter liners and punch holes in the base to help with drainage

7. Fill the liners with your favourite, peat-free compost and grab your plants. For side planting, make an incision into each bag just above the lower planter bar and stuff your chosen plant inside.

fill plant liners with peat free compost
8. Water thoroughly, stand back and marvel at your pretty pallet planter.

What will you be making with your spare pallets? Do you have any pallet planter ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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