STIHL Battery Backpack

For many of our professional customers, the battery-powered machines in the STIHL AP system have become the tool of choice for a wider and wider range of tasks.  

With the increased usage comes greater demands on both battery capacities and user comfort. This is where our battery backpack and carrying systems come into play.

Standard AP batteries

Many of our customers who use the cartridge-style batteries of the AP system don’t necessarily need the extra run time from their battery. The option to take the weight off the upper body, particularly the hands and arms, is often welcomed though.

STIHL Cordless Hedge trimmer This can be true for hedge trimmers (both short and long) where long trigger times and continuous manoeuvring of the tool can be tiring. Adding the AP holster with connecting cable alongside the AP adapter will take weight away from the upper body and onto the hips reducing fatigue and increasing your comfort. In the case of the HSA 66 and 86 hedge trimmers, any weight carried in the arms can be reduced by over one third.

The battery belt with harness can also be added, to make those big hedging jobs easier than ever.

The AP holster is ideal in other applications, such as using pole saws where much of the tool weight is also supported by the upper body.

The AP holster and connecting cable is also a great option for the socket only (no battery slot) AP system hedge trimmers, like the HSA 94. This cordless hedge trimmer has a working time of up to 2 hours 45 minutes with an AP 300 S battery, which is more than sufficient for many applications particularly when used with the AL 500 fast charger, giving you all-day use by cycling the batteries.

AR Backpack Batteries

STIHL Battery Powered Leaf BlowerIf you need to work for longer periods and cover bigger areas, particularly with leaf blowers or brush cutters from the STIHL AP system, then a battery backpack is the way to go.

The 626Wh AR 1000 backpack battery is the ideal partner for all-day usage with the HSA 94 hedge trimmer or smaller jobs with the FSA 130 brush cutter. Weighing in at only 5.5kg it makes for a great lightweight package that anyone can feel comfortable with.

When combined with the BGA leadblowers it is great for tidy up work, after using a brush cutter, for example, although for continuous leaf blowing, the larger AR batteries should be considered.  The AR 3000 with 1148Wh holds almost twice the energy of the AR 1000 making it perfect for large area clearing work with tools like the BGA 100 blower or the FSA 130 brush cutter. At 8.1 kg with the carrying system the AR 3000 is only 2.5kg heavier than the AR 1000 so it’s still comfortable to wear.

The new AR 2000 L and AR 3000 L batteries are STIHL’s top of the line backpack batteries, with a USB connection, and Bluetooth so you can connect them to a STIHL Smart connector. The AR L batteries are also compatible with the new RMA 765 V professional cordless mower. With 1015Wh the AR 2000 L allows for up to 2050m2 of grass to be cut before switching the battery or recharging. Using the AR 3000 L means you can cut up to 3100m2 of grass before the battery is drained.

These batteries can be mounted directly onto the RMA 765 V, without the backpack attachment so the battery can be bought on its own without the cable or carrying system. Both of the AR L batteries are compatible with all the other tools from the STIHL AP system though. You just need to add an AR L carrying system and connecting cable to use them with the socket only models such as the BGA 100 blower, FSA 130 brush cutter and HSA 94 hedge trimmers.

STIHL Battery adapter And if you want a seriously long run time, you can even use these batteries with our standard machines with the battery slots. Just add the AP adapter (which you insert in to the normal battery slot) then all the other machines of the AP system can be powered by the AR L batteries as well making the AR L batteries the most comprehensive in the STIHL range.

For further details, including the usage times of STIHL’s AR backpack batteries with the tools of the AP system, please check out the battery section on our website or visit your nearest STIHL dealer.