brushcutter tips

Here at STIHL, we really do believe that having the right tool for the job is essential, particularly when it comes to cutting attachments for brushcutters.

But we also know that working out the right one to buy can be a minefield! Our approved dealers are a wealth of advice and expertise so if you’re not sure, it’s always worth searching out your nearest one to pick their brains. Each attachment in the STIHL range is designed to give you best possible cutting performance for that particular task. However, you can also use the same tool for easier jobs: a brush knife, for example, can easily be used to cut weeds as well. So it really pays to work out how you’ll use the tool and what jobs you’ll use it for before popping in to a dealer.

In the meantime though, here’s a handy guide to the STIHL range of cutting attachments for brushcutters and what they can be used for.  Don’t forget to use the right guard with whatever cutting attachment you choose to use. 

Mowing heads

Our mowing heads use either nylon mowing line or plastic blades and are ideal for trimming grass. Our top tip for mowing line is that it’s always a good idea to soak it in a bucket of water for 24 hours before using it for the first time, as this will make it less brittle and prone to breakage.

GrassCut grass-cutting blades

Grass cutting blades are, unsurprisingly, more robust than nylon line and are ideal for mowing tough grass or weeds.

BrushCut brush knives 

Brush knives are the next step up and can cope with cutting bushes and scrub, as well as tough grass.

WoodCut circular saw blades

Circular saw blades are the perfect tool for cutting and clearing more woody materials, such as hedges and saplings.

ShredCut shredder blades

The shredder blade is a double edged blade used for shredding really tough undergrowth.

Did you find the right cutting attachment for your brushcutters? Let us know in the comments.