STIHL’s ADVANCE range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to be flexible, hard-wearing and comfortable, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. There are STIHL customers all over the country who think that our X-Light, X-Shell, X-Flex and X-TREEm protective clothing has the X-factor!

Find out what two STIHL personal protective equipment wearers have to say about the ADVANCE range here…

Richard Hunter, lecturer in Forestry and Arboriculture at Newton Rigg College in Cumbria

STIHL Advance PPE Jacket

At STIHL, we provide machines and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to colleges around the country to support the learning and development of young people who want to work in these industries, and we have supplied Newton Rigg with ADVANCE PPE for several years.

“I teach forestry skills on a daily basis and the STIHL ADVANCE clothing is my go-to PPE. I use it for all my teaching, whether that be chainsaws, grass trimmers or wood chippers.

STIHL advance XFLEX trousers

The colours, materials and cut of the orange X-SHELL jacket make it a perfect, practical jacket. The STIHL jacket is snug and fits really well, which is great when I have a tool belt on. The colour and reflective parts makes it easy for my students to see me even in the gloom of a Spruce plantation! I like the breast and arm pockets as it keeps my phone close to hand but not in the way of the tool belt.

The length is just right; it allows movement and access to trouser pockets, but it’s also long enough to keep me warm in the snow. The orange jacket is so good that I also got the peat-coloured version for my non-practical days of teaching.

I also wear the X-FLEX chainsaw trousers, which are very comfortable. Again, they are snug but they allow movement in all directions. They have plenty of pockets and a really strong outer layer. They also dry really well after a wet day in the woods.

Simon O’Rourke, award-winning chainsaw carver and STIHL ambassador

STIHL Advance X SHELL Jacket

At STIHL, we have been working with Simon since 2017, and have been supplying him with chainsaws, protective clothing and other machines since then.

“If there’s an ‘old faithful’ of chainsaw trousers in my PPE cupboard then the STIHL ADVANCE X-FLEX design A chainsaw trousers definitely fit the bill.

These chainsaw trousers feel strong and hard-wearing, but are really comfortable. I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the material and the durability over time, even when clambering over logs in the wet!

STIHL Advance PPE range I’ve worn (and worn through) so many different types of chainsaw protection over the years, and these trousers are exceeding my expectations. Reinforced lower legs and waterproof knees are a bonus when I’m out on site carving the lower parts of a sculpture in the wet, and in hot weather, having the vents on the backs of the legs is a great help too.”

We’re really proud of all the thought that goes into creating protective clothing that works hard for you when you’re working, so it’s great to hear from the people who wear our clothing every day. Let us know what you think of STIHL Personal Protective Equipment in the comments below.