STIHL TSA 230 Cordless cut off saw

rain cloud symbol in STIHL catalogue Have you come across the rain cloud symbol next to our STIHL AP System battery powered tools in the STIHL catalogue and wondered exactly what it meant? Or maybe you just thought that battery powered tools, unlike petrol tools, could not be used in the rain?

Actually, all STIHL AP system tools with the rain cloud symbol in the catalogue can be used in the rain, which is particularly useful with our British weather! Designed for professional users and people with large gardens or areas of land to maintain, the AP System tools are designed for tough daily jobs, including working in adverse weather conditions.

STIHL FSA 135 grass trimmerThey are certified as splashproof and have undergone extensive, varied and very thorough testing and development at STIHL’s Research and Development facilities. The splashwater test meets the well-known IPX4 standard, among others. These tests mean that water splashing against the enclosure of the tool from any direction shouldn‘t have a harmful effect on its function. We do however recommend keeping them out of salty environments and away from contaminated liquids.

In the event that the battery-powered tool does get wet, just make sure you dry the AP battery and tool after use. Chargers should only be used in dry areas. 

Current models which can all be used in the rain in the STIHL AP System include:

  • STIHL battery powered HSA 94 RCordless Chainsaws: MSA 160 C-B, MSA 200 C-B, MSA 220 C-B, MSA 161 T.
  • Battery-powered Grass trimmers: FSA 66, FSA 86, FSA 90 R, FSA 90, FSA 130 R, FSA 130, FSA 135 R
  • Battery-powered Hedge trimmers: HSA 66, HSA 86, HSA 94 R, HSA 94 T,
  • Cordless Long reach hedge trimmers: HLA 66, HLA 86, HLA 135
  • Cordless KombiTools: KMA 130 R, KMA 135 R
  • Cordless Pole Pruners: HTA 66, HTA 86, HTA 135
  • Battery-powered Blowers: BGA 86, BGA 100, BGA 200
  • Cut-off machine: TSA 230
  • STIHL Batteries: AP 100, AP 200, AP 300, AP 300 S, AR 2000 L, AR 3000 L.

So you can happily use STIHL AP System cordless tools in the rain knowing they will stand up to the task. Unless of course, you’d prefer to wait until the sun comes out!

Paul Hicks
Paul has worked for STIHL for six years and is responsible for the range of STIHL products that is sold here in Great Britain, which means he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to all things STIHL.