The RMA 765 V professional cordless lawn mower is compatible with our mulching kit

STIHL has always been at the forefront of new technology, from Andreas Stihl’s first electric chainsaw in the 1920s to game-changers like the MS 500i, the world’s first chainsaw with electronically-controlled fuel injection. This year, we are changing the game for grounds care too, with the brand new RMA 765 V – our first cordless lawn mower designed specifically with professional and large end-users in mind. Take a look below to find out more about this impressive bit of cordless kit.

The RMA 765 V is part of the AP System, which is our cordless range of tools for larger gardens or professional use. It comes with a 2-year professional warranty and is an ideal choice for councils, grounds care teams and landscape gardeners with big jobs on their hands.

You can power the professional cordless lawn mower in two ways. We recommend that you use an AR 3000 L backpack battery, which on a full charge will allow you to mow up to 3100 m²! The AR 3000 L battery can be used to power all of the other tools in the AP System range. By removing the AR 3000 L from the cordless lawn mower and fitting it to the AR L carrying system, you can simply plug the AR L connecting cable directly into AP System tools with a cable socket, such as the HSA 94 RAlternatively, if you have an AP System tool with a battery slot rather than a cable socket, simply plug the AP adapter into the slot, such as an HSA 86, and then plug the cable into the adapter socket to power it.

RMA 765 V professional cordless lawn mower

The second way of powering the machine is through an ADA 700 double battery slot adapter. This adapter has slots for two AP batteries (we’d recommend the AP 300 S for maximum range). You then just slot the whole adapter directly into the RMA 765 V. So if you already have a collection of AP batteries in your fleet, you can make the most of these with this adapter.

AP 300 battery system

The Vario drive self-propulsion of the RMA 765 V means you can set the speed of the machine to suit you. With 5 speed settings to choose from, ranging from 1.5 km/h –5.5 km/h, you can easily change the speed using the control panel function at the top of the handlebar. The cordless lawn mower is also fitted with an eco mode, which allows the mower to work even more efficiently by automatically adjusting the speed of the motor based on the power it needs at the time.

Another feature of this cordless lawn mower is its ergonomic and robust mono-comfort handlebar which can be adjusted to 3 different heights to suit your height. The handlebar is cushioned to provide a super soft grip when mowing. You can fold the handlebar down to transport the lawn mower, but the best benefit of the unique handlebar design is the easy access to the 80-litre fabric grass catcher box – it’s so much easier to remove or insert the box without the handlebar in the way.

The grass catcher box itself is made from a tear-resistant fabric with a polymer base, steel frame and dust protector. It’s well-balanced, durable and comfortable to carry. Alternatively, you can choose to eject the grass back on to the turf you are mowing by removing the grass catcher box. This way, grass is ejected via the rear discharge system after being cut.

The RMA 765 V professional cordless lawn mower is compatible with our mulching kit 

Mulching is an option with this lawn mower as well. You can retrofit the RMA 765 V with an AMK 065 mulching kit to evenly shred the fine grass particles back onto the turf in the form of a nutrient-rich mulch. It means you have 3 different mowing options from 1 cordless lawn mower, so there’s a mowing style to suit the job.

impact-resistant polymer side protection

With a mammoth cutting width of 63 cm and flow-optimised synchronised twin-blades, housed in an aluminium and polymer hybrid deck, the RMA 765 V is able to take on the toughest conditions. The deck of this cordless lawn mower is both impact-resistant and abrasion resistant and the polymer side protection helps maintain the mower throughout the toughest conditions.

RMA 765 is optimised with synchronised twin-blades

Both front and rear wheels of the RMA 765 V have rubber tyres, with the front having a polymer rim and grooved profile, and the rear having an aluminium rim and traction profile. The front wheels of the lawn mower can be set to swivel in place or set on a zero-turn. So, if you need to manoeuvre the machine in order to mow around bushes or trees, you can do so with ease. Or, if you plan on mowing in a straight line for a long-distance across a field, you can set the machine to do this easily too.

Adjusting the cutting height of the machine is simple as well – using the front wheels of the lawn mower, you can easily set it to one of eight different heights between 25-100 mm, so it’s useful for all different types of terrain and lawn. I

At STIHL, we’re really proud to add the RMA 765 V cordless lawn mower to our grounds care range, and we think that you’ll love it too! To find out more about this ground-breaking lawn mower, speak to one of our STIHL pro grounds care dealers – find your nearest dealer here and give them a call to find out if they are stocking the RMA 765 V today.

Take a look at our latest video to see the RMA 765 V here.