STIHL RMA 448 VC Cordless Lawnmower

The new STIHL RMA 443 VC and RMA 448 VC lawn mowers in our AP System take our popular single speed drive mowers and upgrade them to a new variable speed drive, so using these cordless mowers is even easier than before.

STIHL RMA 2 RV Cordless MowerWhilst it may sound like a minor change, the new STIHL RMA 443 VC, RMA 448 VC and RMA 2 RV cordless lawn mowers in the STIHL AP System have undergone plenty of improvements under the deck so that you can change the speed of the mower in 6 stages, from 0 km/h up to 4.5 km/h. This means that when navigating tight spaces, around tricky lawn edges or round obstacles, you can slow the mower right down to make sure you still get the neatest cut. And then when on the larger expanses of lawn, you can speed back up again to your comfortable walking pace. 

A new dual motor system works independently on the wheels and the blade. One keeps the blade at the optimum RPM for the best cut and collection, with the ECO mode that automatically drops the blade speed to conserve the battery when not much grass is being cut. The other motor allows you to vary the speed of the machine; the fastest speed of 4.5 km/h can be reached using a STIHL AP 300 battery or above, whilst smaller batteries, such as the STIHL AP 100 battery and AP 200 battery, can reach a max speed of 3.0 and 3.7 km/h respectively.

Aside from the vario drive change, the useful features of the cordless lawn mowers remain. A light polymer mowing deck makes these STIHL mowers really easy to manoeuvre around the lawn. They also have a height adjustable mono-handle which makes removing the grass catcher box to empty it straightforward and quick.

2 battery slots on the STIHL RMA 448 VCTwo battery slots make it easy to cover larger areas. One live slot is for mowing, whilst you can use the other one to store a second battery which means you can swap them over quickly. 

Central cutting height adjustment allows you to change the lawn mower height with one hand in seconds as the deck is sprung so it’s almost weightless. The cutting height can be adjusted from 25mm to 75mm, but we really recommend leaving the grass longer in hotter weather to stop the soil drying out. It’s also best to only cut about 1/3rd of the grass length off each time you cut it so as not to stress it. 

Grass catch fill indicator on the STIHL RMA 448 VC mowerA large grass catcher box with fill level indicator helps you spend more time mowing and less time emptying. The mower really does pack the box full to the brim and then once it’s full, the flap on top of the box drops down so you can see at a glance that it needs emptying. The clamshell design of the box lets you open it fully to speedily dump the grass onto the compost pile or green waste bin.

As with most of our STIHL cordless tools, it’s quiet so no ear defenders are needed and you won’t upset the neighbours even if you like to get your gardening jobs done early!

Batteries for the STHL RMA 443 VC and 448 VC lawn mower are compatible with other tools in the STIHL AP system such as cordless hedgetrimmers, blowers, chainsaws and grass trimmers, with more battery-powered tools being added to our cordless range regularly.

Vario drive lets your tailor your mowing perfectly to your garden so you get the best cut and collection at all times. See them in action in our latest video:

Paul Hicks
Paul has worked for STIHL for six years and is responsible for the range of STIHL products that is sold here in Great Britain, which means he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to all things STIHL.