Storing your STIHL pressure washer

A STIHL pressure washer is the perfect tool for a spring clean, but if you’re anything like us, you’re probably less keen to use it in the depths of winter! But if you needed any more excuses to get out of cleaning the patio when it’s cold outside, there’s actually a good reason why using it in freezing temperatures isn’t a great idea if you aren’t storing it properly afterwards.

How Does Cold Weather Affect My Pressure Washer?

RE 130 pressure washer

After use, pressure washers hold water in the pump. Unless completely drained, the water left inside can freeze and expand which stresses the pump block and may cause damage. When the pressure washer is next used there may be a notable water leak or complete lack of pressure. 

If damage occurs it can be costly, but is entirely preventable. Properly storing your pressure washer away after the last use of the year is a great way to prevent expensive repairs and undue stress on the machine.

What’s The Best Way To Store My Pressure Washer?

re 110 pressure washer storageAfter the last use of the season (or after each use if you want to get into good habits) make sure any water is drained from the power washer by following these simple steps:

  1. Disconnect the water supply to the pressure washer
  2. Turn the pressure washer on.
  3. Hold down the lance trigger until water no longer comes out.
  4. Turn off the pressure washer, and disconnect the power.
  5. Disconnect the lance from the hose and depress the trigger again to remove any remaining water held in the lance.

Following this process will help make sure your pressure washer is ready for the spring clean when you are!