SGA 85 lancer

The new STIHL SGA 85 sprayer is our first battery-powered sprayer and is part of the STIHL AP System of battery tools.  It has been designed for use by landscape gardeners and farmers in gardens, orchards and viticulture.

STIHL SGA cordless sprayer

This STIHL sprayer has a high operating pressure with a large volume flow to cover a wide range of spraying applications.

A powerful battery-powered pump delivers excellent spraying performance up to 6 bar pressure, making it ideal for spraying water or applying disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides in agriculture, horticulture, fruit-growing and viticulture. We do recommend that you always check local regulations before using any chemicals though. Also, you must make sure you wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment as well, which can be found in the Instruction manual for the STIHL SGA 85.

Compared to a traditional, manual sprayer, the SGA 85 makes the task much more manageable as you can maintain consistent, accurate pressure throughout spraying. With numerous spraying nozzles with multiple angle options, wide spray bars, and other accessories in the STIHL sprayer range, the SGA 85 sprayer fits a wide range of uses and applications.  You can find out more about the suitable accessories for the STIHL SGA 85 backpack sprayer here.

On the top of the sprayer there’s a large filler opening with a strainer to stop large particles from entering the tank; then, a filter in the tank prevents smaller contaminants from reaching the pump for reliable operation and consistent delivery. The sprayer tank holds 17 litres of liquid and, with the full standard cone nozzle, can deliver 1.7 litres of liquid per minute.

SGA 85 sprayer tank

As you move from task to task, you can easily change the pump pressure between 1 and 6 bar using the dial on the side without removing the backpack. This can be checked at a glance using the pressure gauge mounted on the spray lance too. The rotary control is located next to the power switch and below the battery.

SGA 85 rotary control

With wide, padded straps and back pads, plus a chest strap, the STIHL SGA 85 is comfortable to wear for long periods treating crops and plants. The addition of a carrying handle on top also makes it convenient to transport when not worn on the back.

SGA 85 lancer

There’s also a lance holder for safe storage and transportation, plus a battery protection flap to protect against water and dust during operation.

SGA 85 AP 100 battery

There is a wide range of optional accessories, including a waist strap with a scabbard for the spray lance, a vast selection of spraying attachments, and a space for a STIHL Smart Connector to help manage the tools usage, maintenance and servicing as part of the fleet. Find out more about the STIHL Smart Connector here.

STIHL SGA 85 smart connector

We recommend using the STIHL AP 100 battery with the SGA 85 sprayer. The working time with this battery is 510 minutes, and the weight of the tool with the battery is 7.1kg (before filling).

Visit your nearest STIHL approved dealer to find out more about this useful tool today.