STIHL how grass trimmers are made

Powerful, dependable and built with uncompromising precision, an array of STIHL grass trimmers are built at STIHL Inc in Virginia Beach, USA.  We combine the best of computerised technology with a hands-on, human approach, to ensure that when a trimmer leaves us, it’s ready for you and all your garden challenges!

The initial step is the transformation of raw materials, such as metal and polymers, into precision parts.  Once complete the assembly begins, connecting the crank shaft and piston first, then further parts including the engine fan, carburettor, muffler, flywheel, clutch, and spark plug.

Once assembly is taken care of, the ignition module is carefully installed and wired by hand to ensure a solid and secure electrical connection that you can rely on.

The final stage sets STIHL apart from our competitors – the test running phase – whereby each and every machine is started and individually inspected to ensure optimal performance when it’s in your hands.

Finally, our grass trimmers are neatly packaged and shipped to STIHL dealers and facilities around the world to provide a reliable, quality performance in your back garden.

To see behind the scenes in a STIHL manufacturing plant, click here and watch the assembly process in action.