BGA 200 Leaf Blower

Here at STIHL, we’re always finding new ways to innovate and improve our expanding range of cordless tools. We also understand the demands of professional groundskeepers, especially during the leaf-blowing season. Which is why we’re proud to introduce the BGA 200, our most powerful cordless leaf blower to date!BGA 200 Leaf Blower With Backpack Battery

Petrol backpack blowers require ear defenders and often the noise can disturb people in close vicinity, but the cordless BGA 200 is extremely quiet for such a powerful machine! Its low noise output means no ear defenders are required during use. It also means it can be used when working in noise-sensitive areas, such as schools and public areas.

With an outstanding blowing force of 21 Newtons and a high air speed of 84 m/s (metres per second), it provides exceptional blowing power for professional users when tackling tough clearing jobs. In comparison to our petrol backpack blowers, this means the BGA 200 sits respectably between the BR 350 (17 N) and BR 450 (26 N) – two popular backpack blowers amongst the professional groundskeeper community.

One useful feature with the BGA 200 is that it allows you to adjust the blowing power of the machine during use. It has 3 levels and a ‘Boost’ mode to select from, which can be adjusted using the dial on the handle in the picture below.

This lets you choose the power you need depending on the type of clearing job you are doing. If you are blowing particularly heavy and wet leaves from a lawn, you can set the BGA 200 to ‘Boost’ mode, which blows at 21 N. Or if you are blowing dry, freshly trimmed grass from a flower bed, you can set the BGA 200 to ‘Level 1’ which blows at a much less powerful 5 N – preventing soil from being blown away. It also means you can conserve the working time of your battery for other uses throughout the day.

The BGA 200 is part of the AP System, which means it is compatible with both AP and AR batteries – although we don’t recommend using an AP battery with this tool as it demands a lot of power, what with it being our most powerful cordless blower! Our AR backpack batteries will give you the run time that you need to get the job done. With a wide selection of backpack batteries to choose from, you can choose which AR lithium-ion battery to use dependant on the working time you need from the blower.Battery Times For BGA 200

The BGA 200’s flexibility doesn’t stop there though. You can choose from two different ways of using the blower. You can either use it as a hand-held blower, which is especially suited for narrow, hard to reach areas or cleaning around obstacles. Or you can choose to use the new comfort carrying system, which hooks the machine onto a hip adaptor fixed to an AR battery belt. You can purchase this separately or with the blower itself as part of a package deal.

This option is great for when you need to clear large areas and when working for longer periods during the day. What’s more, the comfort carrying system allows you to easily operate the blower and change quickly and efficiently between modes so you can take on a variety of jobs with less effort! The second handle at the top of the blower allows for more comfortable working and is designed to work in tandem with the comfort carrying system for optimal blowing.

But that’s not all – another new feature of the BGA 200 is the cruise control throttle lock. This works in conjunction with the comfort carrying system and second handle, allowing the user to lock the desired level in place at the push of a button – meaning you won’t need to hold the trigger and can direct the blower really easily making clearing jobs even simpler!

Blower Tube AdjustmentAdjusting the blower tube on the BGA 200 can be done at the push of a button too. By pushing the quick release clasp you can quickly adjust the length of the blower to suit your height or the task at hand. So if you need to clear dry, light leaves, you can shorten the blower tube for a wider air stream. Or if you need to blow leaves that are wet and heavy, you can lengthen the blower tube for more blowing force to efficiently clean the area.

You may also notice that the BGA 200 has a uniquely shaped design. This curved shape of the BGA 200 reduces torsional forces on the wrist – which means your wrist won’t twist – for more comfortable working.

BGA 200 Leaf Blower Close Up

The final feature of this blower is a handy wall mount located underneath the back of the tool. If you have a garage or lock-up where you store your STIHL machines, you can add the BGA 200 to your collection by neatly hooking it onto the wall.

This feature-packed powerful blower is more than up to the task for any tough clearing jobs that may come your way! To find out more, contact your local STIHL Approved Dealer today.