how to power your STIHL HSA 56

If you are passionate about your garden you know it’s important to use the right tools for the right jobs.  You need tools that deliver a great finish quickly and easily so you have more time to spend tending to the rest of your garden.

That’s why we have developed our cordless power tools to perfectly suit customers with different sized gardens and needs.  The STIHL AK System is a range of cordless garden tools that use interchangeable Lithium-Ion batteries and have been designed specifically for medium to large

gardens. With 9 cordless tools and 3 different batteries, the AK system is incredibly versatile, providing the performance and durability that you would expect from STIHL whilst being lightweight and easy to use so that anybody can operate them comfortably and confidently. What’s more, all the tools in the AK System are quiet enough that you won’t need to wear ear protection.

Let’s take you through the full range below.


STIHL MSA 140 cordless chainsaw We’re famous for our chainsaws so you can be confident that the two chainsaws in the AK system are quality tools. The MSA 120 C-B and MSA 140 C-B are both perfect for garden maintenance and cutting firewood. Lightweight and well balanced, these chainsaws will make quick work of pruning thick hedges and branches.

They both include our quick chain tensioning feature so you can tighten the chain without tools, and chain oil tanks with transparent viewing windows to make maintenance checks quicker. Using the recommended AK 20 battery with the MSA 120 will give you around 40 minutes run time or enough time to make around 120 cuts in 10cm x 10cm timber.

If you have bigger logs and branches to cut through, the MSA 140 has a faster chain speed so will provide 25% greater cutting performance over the MSA 120 chainsaw. To deliver the higher power, we strongly recommend using the bigger capacity AK30 battery in the MSA 140 C-B – you can use the AK 20, but you just won’t get the same power level. The STIHL AK 30 battery gives you around 45 minutes run time in the MSA 140, but with the faster chain speed, you’ll get around 180 cuts in 10cm x 10cm timber in that time, which is a lot of firewood!

Hedge trimmers

STIHL hsa 56 cordless hedge trimmerThe HSA 56 battery-powered hedge trimmer is lightweight, weighing just 3.7kg with the recommended STIHL AK 10 battery. So it’s ideal for trimming back bushes, shrubs and hedges in your garden without the usual hedge-trimming arm ache! The 45cm cutting blades are double-sided with 30mm tooth spacing so even thick hedging can be trimmed back. The droplet-shaped cutters are designed to hold branches between the blades for a neat cut, plus it comes with a blade-tip protector in case you are trimming near the ground or hard surfaces. Using the recommended AK 10 battery will give you around 50 minutes of working time, so you should be able to trim around 175m2 of hedge on one charge.

But if you need a hedge trimmer with a bit more reach, the HLA 56 long-reach cordless hedge trimmer is the tool for you. One of our best-selling models since it launched in 2019, the HLA 56 is 210 cm long, which makes it a great tool for tackling the taller and more difficult to reach hedges and bushes in your garden. The head can be adjusted from -45° to +90° so you can trim the tops of hedges and add shape with ease. The shaft can be split into two to allow for easy storage and transport, and you can also get a 50cm shaft extension for those really high hedges. For perfect balance, we recommend using the STIHL AK 20 battery, which will give you around 100 minutes of run time, or enough time to trim 380m2 of hedges.

Grass trimmer

STIHL FSA 57 cordless grass trimmerThe FSA 57 is a lightweight grass trimmer featuring an adjustable length shaft (which is easily adjusted using the button near the handle) as well as an adjustable handle. Fitted with an AutoCut C 3-2 nylon line cutting head as standard, it provides excellent grass trimming performance and when you need to extend the line, simply tap it on the ground and go! When the nylon line runs out, this can be done easily without tools.  When using the recommended STIHL AK 10 battery, the FSA 57 cordless grass trimmer will run for around 25 minutes, which will give you enough capacity to trim up to 625 metres of lawn edges.

Leaf blower

STIHL cordless leaf blowerThe BGA 57 battery-powered leaf blower is a powerful but lightweight tool, which makes it quick and easy to clear leaves, grass clippings or other debris in the garden. An adjustable blower tube allows you to choose from three different lengths to suit your height. The control handle is easy to use, with the trigger lockout designed symmetrically so it can be used just as easily whether you are right or left-handed.

With a maximum airspeed of 123mph, the BGA 57 cordless leaf blower can clear up to 760 m2 of dry leaves when using the recommended AK 20 battery.

Lawn mowers

STIHL cordless lawn mower There are two cordless lawn mowers in the AK System: the smaller RMA 235 and the larger RMA 339 C. Both mowers are light and easy to manoeuvre, provide excellent collection and cutting performance and are packed with features to make mowing the lawn a walk in the park! They have central height adjustment, easy-opening grass boxes with a fill-level indicator, an automatic Eco mode to preserve the battery life, flow-optimised blades, and height-adjustable folding handlebars.

The RMA 235 has a 33cm cutting width and a 30-litre grass box, whilst the RMA 339 C has a 37cm cutting width, a 40-litre grass box and our unique mono handlebar, which gives you easy access to the grass box. We recommend the AK 20 batteries with both machines – using this battery, the RMA 235 will cover around 250m2 and the RMA 339 C will cover up to 370m2 of lawn on one charge.


The final tool in the STHL AK System range is the RLA 240 lawn scarifier, launched in 2020. Scarifying is a great way to improve your lawn and the RLA 240 makes it an easy job to do. This machine comes with both scarifying and de-thatching tines and features central working depth adjustment, so it’s ideal for seasonally removing built-up moss and thatch from small to medium lawns. The foldable handlebars make storage and transport easy too. When used with the STIHL AK 30 battery, the RLA 240 will cover up to 250 m2 of lawn.

So whatever the challenges in your garden, the AK System of cordless garden tools has got it covered with battery power from STIHL. You can find out more about the benefits of our batteries here too, plus we’ve got our top ten tips for making the most of your battery.

Which cordless garden tool is top of your most-wanted list? Let us know in the comments.