From the lab STIHL

For over 90 years, STIHL’s Research & Development department has been at the heart of every product we make! Each month, we’ve been taking a look at some of the latest product innovations, launches and solutions straight from the lab – to make your STIHL experience even better! This month, we’re talking pruning, sharpening, mowing and MotoMix!

Higher level pruning

Pole prunerOur popular pole pruners, the HT 103 and 133 have had a makeover for 2017. Powerful as ever, but now even lighter, so more efficient and easier to use! The biggest step forward has been an improvement in power to weight ratio. We want our tools to be as light as possible, without sacrificing power. As a result, our new pruners have roughly the same power to weight ratio as a family car!

A new square shaft is lighter and more rigid than ever, and extends between 270 and 390cm to make any tree smaller than a sequoia easy to maintain. It’s now also equipped with a new locking mechanism and quick release harness, it’s easier than ever to set up and start pruning.

Increasing the Mow-mentum

The VIKING lawn mower range expands once again, with the arrival of the new MB 655.3 V and VS. Like all VIKINGs, the new mowers are designed to be as easy to use and maintain as possible. Both models are equipped with the VIKING mono-comfort handle as standard, allowing easier access to the 70-litre grass box, as featured in our #STIHLsecrets.

The headline feature is the new 3 in 1 mowing system, allowing the mowers to mulch, cut and collect or as a rear discharge machine. Usually, this would require changing to a different blade, as the different jobs require the grass be cut differently, and mulch can clog up a mower – but with the new 3-in-1 system, this isn’t required. This makes keeping your garden in top shape even easier than with a regular mower, in fact, the only way to make lawn maintenance easier is with an iMow!

Mixed to Match

STIHL MotoMixOur MotoMix and MotoPlus fuels are the perfect companions for your product. But why is using our fuel any different to any regular fuel? Well, for one, it’s ease of use. Our MotoMix fuel is a combination of specially created fuel with HP Ultra oil premixed into it, meaning you don’t have to mess around with two fluids to keep your tools running at their best.

You’ll also get the best protection, power and acceleration from our purpose-designed fuels. So if you’ve invested in one of the most carefully-engineered, high performing and durable range of power tools, available, it’s worth investing in the best fuel too.  STIHL MotoMix® is cleaner burning as it contains less aromatics compared to normal fuel and VIKING MotoPlus® is virtually benzene-free, reducing impact on the environment.

Stay Sharp

3-in-1 sharpening toolThe simplest ideas are often the best, as proven by our 3-in-1 sharpening tool. This diamond sharpened tungsten carbide blade is the perfect partner for keeping your tools in top condition, as easily as possible. Suitable for sharpening secateurs, axes, shears, knives and hatchets, the ergonomic design can easily be carried around, is durable enough to survive a beating and saves you time swapping between different sharpening tools. It’s also one of the coolest looking tools in our range!