RMA 235 Cordless Lawn Mower In Use

Here at STIHL, we are really excited that we have added five new battery-powered cordless lawn mowers to our cordless ranges this year.  Although this is the first time we have produced STIHL mowers for the British market, we have been producing lawn care machines since 1992 under our sister brand, VIKING, so you can be sure that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to looking after your lawn. The STIHL Research and Development team is constantly working on new innovations in their state-of-the-art competence centre and these mowers feature the cutting-edge cordless technology they have developed.

STIHL battery-powered cordless mowerLightweight, manoeuvrable and well-balanced, the mowers are comfortable and easy to use, whilst the batteries boast impressive run times so you can get on with the job in hand without interruptions. The batteries are also compatible with other tools in our cordless ranges (see below for more information) so can be switched between other machines for maximum flexibility.

All of these new cordless mowers also include an eco-mode and flow-optimised blades to get the most out of the battery. The eco mode automatically adjusts the speed of the engine depending on the type of grass it is cutting so the motor only uses the energy it needs.

The mowers feature our innovative polymer grass catcher boxes too, which have downward facing vents to circulate the air and maximise grass collection, whilst keeping any dust away from the user.  There is also a useful indicator so you can easily see when the box is full, and the clam shell opening means that emptying the box is a breeze.

Each cordless mower has a foldable and height-adjustable handlebar, making them easy to store in the shed or garage without taking up too much space.

Find out more about each of the models below:

The AK System

The RMA 235 is part of the AK System of cordless tools, which uses our AK batteries, and is compatible with 8 other tools. The RMA 235 is our lightest cordless mower at just 14kg and can cover up to 300 sq m on one battery charge.

The RMA 339 C is also in the AK System range. This mower has a wider cutting deck and a larger grass catcher box compared to the RMA 235 so is ideal for medium-sized lawns up to 400 sq m. It also features a sturdy and adjustable mono-comfort handlebar to give easy access to the grass catcher box when it needs emptying.

The AP System

RMA 443 C Cordless MowerThe RMA 443 C is a cordless mower from the AP System of tools and uses our AP batteries, which can be used with over 25 other tools in the same range. Capable of covering larger lawns up to 500 sq m, it has a 55 litre grass catcher box and space to store a spare battery if you need to cover a larger area. If you want the ease of a self-propelled mower for larger areas or for help on sloped gardens, you could also consider the RMA 443 TC, which has a one-speed drive for effortless use and a precise finish.

Last, but not least, we have the RMA 448 TC, which also uses our AP batteries and has the same great features as the RMA 443 mowers, but has the widest cutting width in the range at 46cm so you can cover a larger area in a shorter time.