STIHL RM 448 lawn mower

Lawnmowers are one of the most essential tools for any garden. Your grass secures the base of your garden, so it’s important to keep it well-trimmed and cared for. If you want your mower to be in top condition and ready for springtime grass, then it needs to be correctly stored throughout winter. Rain, snow and cold temperatures can all prevent your mower from achieving the best results, but there are several simple steps you can complete in only 20 minutes to ensure your mower is safe in hibernation!

The perfect place
Firstly, and most obviously, mowers should be stored in a safe place. Most likely a shed, ensure that the roof and walls are free of holes and cracks that may let water or other weather hazards in. Ideally, the storage space will be dry, dust free and out of reach of small children.

Petrol Machines should be run to empty so that there is no fuel left in the engine or tank over the winter months – simply let the machine idle until it comes to a stop by itself. Before you store, remove the spark cap and spark plug. Unlike fuel, the oil level should be topped up, as the machine should be in full working order at all times. Check with your local STIHL Dealer if you need any further advice on how to take these steps.

Clean machine
For your own safety, before carrying out any work on your mower, always remove the spark cap so it is disconnected from the spark plug. For more information, we would always recommend reading your owner’s manual; you can find them on our website.

Like all outdoor equipment, mowers can get dirty. Be sure to clear away any dried grass on top and around the engine using a brush and some water. If using a hose, make sure not to use a powerful jet of water as it could cause damage to the bearings, gaskets or engine parts.

When you move on to the underside of the mower, make sure you remember this essential tip – always tilt the machine backwards, not sideways, or oil may enter the air filter or exhaust and you could run the risk of damaging the machine.

The experts will help!
When you’re checking the underside, if the blade has any signs of damage or wear, or if you’ve had problems with any other steps of storing your mower, then take it to the experts! Our STIHL Approved Dealerships are all able to properly service our machines and will be able to help with any issues you might have.