From the lab STIHL

For over 90 years, STIHL’s Research & Development department has been at the heart of every product we make – always with the user in mind. We take a look at some of the latest product innovations, launches and solutions straight from the lab – to make your STIHL experience even better!

For this issue, our focus is on a new range of battery tools!

Professional standard cordless hedge trimmers

STIHL Cordless Hedge TrimmerFor the highest-level performance from a cordless tool, there really is no rival to our AP System cordless range.  Quiet, very powerful, lightweight, and no mixing of fuel required! The existing tools are already extremely powerful and efficient, but STIHL never stops improving and refining our products, and the latest fruit of this labour is the brand-new AP Cordless HSA 94 R and 94 T hedge trimmers.

Both of these tools have been designed with one end goal in mind. How can we provide professional users with all the power and running-time of a professional-grade petrol tool, but with the light weight and quiet operation of a battery tool? The first step we took to achieve this is to build the tools around exactly the same cutting attachments that are found on the HS 82 range of petrol trimmers. Beyond this, every component on the cordless tool is brand new, making it lightweight, extremely well balanced and capable of running for around 7 hours with the AR 2000 backpack battery.STIHL Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you’re unsure what the difference is between the R and T variants, it is to indicate different applications. The 94 T is designed with a fast blade speed, to trim ornamental hedges neatly and efficiently and leave a find finish. With the finer cutters, it boasts a lighter weight (3.9kg) than its sibling.

As for the 94 R, this is the ultimate assistant for taking on tough hedges. With a slower blade speed, it can cut through much thicker branches with ease.  Both of these models have 3 stage adjustable power controls, so the blade speed can be quickly tweaked, depending on the hedge being cut.

These systems are both designed with an innovative rotating handle, meaning you can change the angle of the handle to suit cutting the tops or sides of hedges easily.

Battery brushcutters with professional performance

STIHL Cordless BrushcutterAlongside our new hedge trimmers, we’re also proud to introduce a new range of grass trimmers to the AP System family. Again designed for all day professional use, the FSA 130 and 130 R are the new pinnacle of STIHL cordless trimmer tech.

At first glance, you can see the differences between the 130 and 130 R, the 130 features bike-style handles for operation, whereas the 130 R features a loop handle on the shaft. The reason for this difference? The R model is designed to be useable in tight spaces, whereas the regular 130 is a master at clearing large patches of grass and scrub quickly and efficiently.

Like the new AP System hedge trimmers, the FSA 130 range has STIHL Cordless Brushcutterbeen designed from the ground up to be as effective as our professional petrol tools. As a result, the new grass trimmers are entirely new, rather than upgraded versions of the FSA 90 cordless trimmer. The biggest differentiating factor between these tools and the FSA 90 is the power. The new tools are as powerful as professional petrol grass trimmers, capable of tackling much longer or thicker grass at full power than its AP System predecessor. They also feature the latest version of STIHL’s power select system, so you don’t waste battery life on full power when you don’t need it.

AK System grows more capable

STIHL Cordless Lawn MowerIf you’re not familiar with our AK System cordless range (where have you been?), the family of tools is based around the idea of using one interchangeable battery between a range of tools including a hedge trimmer, blower, grass trimmer, two chainsaws, a long-reach hedge trimmer and two lawn mowers.

Say hello to the RMA 235. It uses the same battery as the other AK System tools and is the ultimate tool for quietly and efficiently mowing lawns up to 200m².

The most important feature on the new mower is the Eco mode, which cleverly adjusts power levels depending on the length and density of the grass, this means it doesn’t sacrifice cutting performance and only uses as much power as it needs, resulting in a longer battery life and a beautiful, even lawn.STIHL Cordless Lawn Mower

On top of this, you’ll struggle to find a comparable lawn mower lighter than the RMA 235, as it weighs just 15kg with the battery installed, making it easy to manoeuvre and carry around if needed.

And, like all our other cordless tools, the RMA 235 is extremely quiet, meaning that you won’t disturb your neighbours when you cut the lawn. Happy neighbours and a beautiful lawn. What’s not to love?