Slug Looking At Camera

With a hint of spring in the air, it will soon be time to plant our more delicate plants outside ready to put on a blooming show throughout the year. But one tiny little thing can upset all your efforts and bring that show to an abrupt end: the common slug!

Slugs in the garden when you’re trying to get your grow on are not a good thing. One afternoon your plant is settled in its new home, and the next it has been eaten alive by the little pests!

Here are my top 3 ways to control slugs and stop them ruining all your hard work…

1) TRAPS are one method of slug control, the most popular is a beer trap. Simply dig a little hole the size of a plastic cup or glass jar in your flower bed, pop a cup or jar into it with a glug of beer in the bottom and you have a slug party waiting to happen! Slugs will be drawn to the smell of the beer and dive right in, which will slow them down enough for you to get rid of later.

2) WILDLIFE can be your biggest ally in the slug war in your garden. Creating a small pond attracts frogs who will happily tuck into a slug or two! Attracting birds to your garden can also help as some birds love a sluggy snack. Slugs and snails also form a small part of a hedgehog’s diet too – check out this recent post about looking after a hedgehog in your garden for more ideas to encourage them into your garden.

3) HIDING PLACES are my favourite way to remove slugs away from your beloved plants. Simply get some bricks or planks of wood and create a small, dark, damp place for them to stay. Slugs love a dark meeting place – just check it every so often and then you can remove them from the area with no harm.

These are my top 3 ways of fighting the war on slugs, what are yours? If you have any fool-proof methods for slug control, share your suggestions in the comments below.

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