bird hedge trimmer

Spring has sprung, the buds are breaking and hedges are sprouting left, right and centre! While it may be tempting to whip out your hedge trimmer and get stuck straight in, make sure you take a minute to consider our feathered friends!

March to August is the main breeding season for nesting birds and the RSPB recommends that hedge trimming is avoided during this time.  If it’s unavoidable then proceed with care – remember, it is illegal to remove or damage a wild bird nest while it is in use or being built so you need to be considerate.

There is good reason for this, as although some bird populations are rising, other native bird numbers are dropping, including the starling, blue tit, greenfinch and chaffinch, so we need to be responsible about how our gardening habits affect them. You can check out all the results of the Big Garden Birdwatch 2017 here.

In keeping with not disturbing the birds, make sure you don’t disturb the neighbours either when it comes to your first power tool venture of the year.  PeopHSA 56le are embracing the chance to enjoy their gardens now that the weather is improving, so the less anti-social your tools are, the better!

STIHL’s Compact Cordless System is designed to operate so quietly that it’s not even necessary to wear ear defenders.  Light, manoeuvrable and with low vibration, the Compact Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a powerful tool that deploys STIHL blade technology to maximise cutting force over a wide area.  Why not read what The Telegraph had to say about it here.

The Compact Cordless Hedge Trimmer is the perfect garden companion!