RMA 235 with award logos

Here at STIHL, we live and breathe our tools, and love our heritage as a premium manufacturer. But it’s not just us that thinks they are great – we’re really proud that they have won plenty of awards too. Find out who else thinks they deserve top marks below.

Gardeners’ World Magazine

The companion magazine to the BBC 2 TV series, Gardeners’ World Magazine is the UK’s best-selling gardening magazine, full of content from experts such as Monty Don, Carol Klein and Alan Titchmarsh, amongst others.

HSA 25 in useThe Magazine rigorously tests lots of gardening products for its readers and has given our HSA 25 shrub shears, as well as our RMA 235 lawn mower, a Best Buy award. The HSA 25 is a nifty little battery-powered hand tool, with a shrub trimming blade and a grass trimming blade, all packaged up in a handy fabric carry case. It makes trimming topiary or ornamental hedges an absolute breeze, and has a 110 minute battery life. That’s nearly two hours of trimming time to tidy up your garden!

The RMA 235 is a lightweight and manoeuvrable cordless lawn mower that is part of the STIHL COMPACT Cordless Power System – a range of 7 cordless garden tools with interchangeable batteries that are quiet but powerful.


But that’s not the only award that our plucky little lawnmower has. It was also given the Best Garden Tech award in the T3 Awards 2018. T3 are a technology magazine (both online and in print) that describe their mission as seeking out and showcasing “beautiful things that help you live a smarter, better life”. They had this to say about the lawn mower:

“STIHL’s RMA 235 is at the cutting edge of lawnmower tech and testament to STIHL’s uncompromising quest for excellence. We love the RMA 235’s energy-saving motor, which adjusts its speed depending on the length of the grass, and it’s also almost uncannily quiet.” 

Aah, they’re making us blush! On a more serious note, the RMA 235 is packed with innovative features, which make it a mower to be proud of. The eco mode on the mower helps to make the most of the battery life (find out more about it in our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoMmne0jmyc) whilst the clam-shell style of the grass catcher box makes it super quick and easy to empty.

Quiet Mark

And if all that wasn’t enough, the RMA 235 even has one more award to shout about, or should we say whisper?! Quiet Mark is an international approval award scheme developed by the UK Noise Abatement Society to recognise the products that are the quietest in a given category, with thorough scientific testing and assessments.

Quiet Mark test all sorts of appliances for the home and garden, but we’re pleased to say that 13 (yes, 13!!) of our cordless tools have awarded the Quiet Mark, including the RMA 235. It has also been awarded to the BGA 45, BGA 56 and BGA 100 blowers, the MSA 120 C-B, MSA 140 C-B and MSA 200 C-B chainsaws, the FSA 56 and FSA 65 grass trimmers, the RMA 339 C lawn mower, our KGA 770 sweeper, the HSA 45 hedge trimmer and the HSA 25 shrub shears.

You won’t need to use ear defenders with any of these tools as they are among the quietest tools of their kind on the market, and you won’t annoy the neighbours either – it’s a win for us, and a win for you!

So you can see that we really can back-up our claims – our tools aren’t just the best, they are award-winning too! Let us know if you have tried any of these winners in your own garden in the comments below – if you need us, we’ll just be polishing our trophies…..