Flower Bed Weeda

Alongside his Family Fun series, the Skinny Jean Gardener will be sharing his secret garden saviours with tips and tricks to get your garden looking its best.

This week’s winter gardening tips are for the gardener who puts their flower beds to bed, and their allotment to sleep for the winter.

Weeds. I hate them, and if you’re not gardening as often in the winter, they will be sure to take over leaving you a whole lot of weeding to start in the new year. But I have a winter gardening tip to minimise your weeding work!

You will need:

Cardboard boxes, compost or soil and a spade.

Let’s begin….

  1. First, break up your cardboard boxes into flat pieces to fit around your prized flower beds.
  2. Lightly weed the area you are going to cover (no need to go too crazy as this job will put rest to them anyway).
  3. Place the cardboard over the flower or allotment beds and ensure all is covered.
  4. Cover the cardboard with soil or compost.

This will keep your beds toasty warm in the winter stop those pesky weeds going wild until spring. When the weather starts to warm up and you are ready to tackle the garden again, just remove and recycle the cardboard. Alternatively, if it’s decomposed enough, dig it into the soil.

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