STIHL Small Business Saturday

STIHL wasn’t always the world renowned brand it is today. In fact, it was started in 1926 by one man, with a vision for excellence – Andreas Stihl. 90 years on, that very same family still owns, manages and nurtures the STIHL brand, with the same dedication to excellence they always had.

This is why it’s so important that STIHL tools are only sold by the best; all STIHL products are sold exclusively through our dealer network. This carefully selected team of independent and local businesses across Great Britain offers the service, expertise and personality that the STIHL brand affords. Many also started as, and still are, family businesses.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of STIHL and of local communities, which is why we celebrated our dealer network as an official supporter of Small Business Saturday UK 2016.  And what better way to celebrate local businesses, than to hear from some! We asked our dealers what they love about being a local business and here’s what they had to say:

as a small business I find customer service essential…my dad once said “people buy from people” and I believe this is ever so important in having a successful small business.
Matthew Thomas, TFM Superstore, Shropshire

I love being a local business because we can help build the local community and be part of it. It feels like we are a meeting point for the locals to catch up with each other, feels like a family!
Michael Over, Ernest Doe & Sons, Benington

We love being a local business as we can offer friendly expert advice and are able to go that extra mile to make sure the customer gets the best service and product knowledge available.
Stuart Gardener, TCS Country Supplies, Berkeley

Being dependable for our customers…Supporting other local businesses…Enjoying what we do every day.
Morgan Hayman, Sims Garden Machinery, Stratford-upon-Avon

local business keeps a town alive
Derek Nowell, Bolton Abbey Mowers, West Yorkshire

We even joined the team at Small Business Saturday UK on a visit to 2 STIHL dealers, to find out a bit more about why being a local business is so special.

Charlie Turner, Sam Turner & Sons, Yorkshire

Rebecca Briant & Chris Starling, Briants of Risborough, Buckinghamshire